Watch “August to June” Support Creativity in the Classroom

Do you wish you had gone to a school that focused on the whole you? Where learning was hands-on? That let you be yourself and learn to love learning? That rewarded creativity? August to June is a wonderful film about a school that nurtures creativity and curiosity in its students. In it children learn principles by playing. Children build structures to learn about physics, play with magnets, raise chickens, do art, spend hours free reading, write creatively their own stories, examine microscopes, and learn in a very hands on manner. The school is very consensus oriented. Parents provide input about what kind of education they want their children to have. Children start the school year by making the rules. The village of the child’s life comes in to the education. Parents come in as mentors and teach their skills to the children. It’s this kind of school that makes miracles. It gives children joy in learning and confidence in self-expression. Support the whole child, watch August to June.

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